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Natural Beauty Papua Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia

Natural Beauty Papua Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia

Natural exotica Papua is not endless. There are still many mysteries of beauty that exist in the island's eastern tip of Indonesia. Call it the Raja Ampat islands are no less great, with a wide range of heritage and beauty of the ecosystem. Of the seas that exist in kepualaun Raja Ampat, save a lot of beauty to be researched and unique traditions of society again dijelajahi.Belum papuan already famous foreign higga. Species of beautiful feathered birds of paradise, only in Irian Jaya or Papua. Red fruit, which is efficacious for treating various penytakit, are also listed there. The beauty of the archipelago is second to none.

Indonesia should be proud with the uniqueness and richness of nature and tradition masayarakatnya. One is Carstensz Pyramid or commonly referred to as glorious peak, also in Papua. If you are a true adventurer definitely will not miss the adventure in this glorious peak, Carstensz Peak is the highest peak in Australia and Oceania. Why not in Asia? Because of Asia's highest peak Mount Everest was held by existing in India and China border, Carstensz Pyramid Peak has altitude 4884 m above sea level (16023 ft). Location is at the coordinates 04 ° S 137 ° E 04 733 and 09 572. Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya called by some people, and Puncak Jaya Kusuma Jaya Kusuma or referred to only by some of the others, located in west central highland called Jayawijaya and mountains Sudirman. And the only tropical glaciers in Indonesia, which most likely will soon disappear due to global warming.

Cartensz name is taken from the inventor of a Dutch sailor, John Carstensz, who witnessed the mountain peaks covered by ice in the equatorial countries. Carstensz in 1623 reported a snow mountain on the equator, but no one believes her with the statement. John Carstensz is the first European who witnessed the peak Cartensz with his own eyes.

LOCATION Carstensz Pyramid


1623 Navigator of the Netherlands J Cartensz was the first to bring the word to Europe about the ice caps in the tropical country on the line of the equator eografis West Papua New Guinea. Report the results met with laughter by the public.

1931 A naturalist (expert in the field of botany and zoology) British AFR Wollaston succeeded in reaching nose Carstensz Glaciers on the South side after a grueling journey through the jungle on the southern coast of Papua. He takes 92 days to reach the final 50km.

The team from the Netherlands in 1936 led by Dr A h Colijn with the help of aerial surveillance and logistics made it to the neighboring mountain Ngga Pulu (4,860 m). He failed to conquer the Carstensz Pyramid through the east side and the north wall but produces a very useful map. Map was published in conjunction with aerial photos in a variety of sides. A geologist who is on the JV team Dozy was the first to find copper deposits in the 'copper mountain' Grasberg

1961 P Temple led the 6-member team from New Zealand to the Carstensz Massif through Wamena by airplane. But the arrangement droping logistics passing through the aircraft were never delivered so that they are not able to reach the top of Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya).

1962 Carstensz Pyramid was first climbed by a team of Austrian H Herrer (his book Seven Years in Tibet) with your P Temple. Two other team members is an employee of the district and the Netherlands A Huzenga R Kippax from Australia. Logistics supply carried by airplane. They approached the Carstensz area of ​​North-Illaga toward a path that has been opened by the missionaries with a light aircraft since WWII. It then became one of the standard lines of the North Face.

1971 Reinhold Messner of Italy made a trial to the summit for the second time with a client from Italy S Bigarella. They climb the sharp part of the East side of the mountain and back to Illaga in conditions without food for five days.

1972 An expedition of English D Isherwood, L Murray and J Baines Cartensz Pyramid climb the north side using a direct path to the summit imur. These are the first to use the direct path through the walls. Isherwood did solo climbing for the first time in the North Side of the mountain neighbors Sunday Peak (Peak Sunday) from the lake Larson.

1973 Cartensz a solo climb new route for the first time by a young man of America B Carson. His team 3kali climb this mountain with one of them being the first Indonesian E Wurjantoro

1978 P Boardman and for Clinton Collins of England was the first to climb the Carstensz South side. They fell through the north side (the 1962) makes achievement across the mountain. They also were the first to try the north-west side. Hilary is also noted as the first woman to climb Carstensz.

source: World Mountaineering Book (The World's Great Mountains By the World's Great Mountaineers 2005)

ACCESS TO Carstensz Pyramid

Given the weight of climbing terrain, complicated licensing process, as well as security guarantees as part of the ascent, the climbers should utilize the services of the agent's journey bepengalaman. Various travel agents who have an international reputation has provided 2 yaoutu climbing lane through the classical pathway Ilaga village, or line 2 is more comfortable denagn helicopter ride to base camp Hill Lake. The travel agent will usually also handle licensing issues, transportation of jakarta towards Papua, rental helicopter to base camp, climbing guides, insurance, as well as training and conditioning team before pendakian.Tentu course, the cost per person is quite large at around $ 10,000, or about 100 million dollars.
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