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Exploring the "Virgin" Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara


Kawah Ijen

KawahIjen charm

Mount Ijen or more known crater, is one mountain that is still active today. Has a height of 2,443 m above sea level, walled caldera as high as 300-500 m and has 4 times erupted in 1796, 1817, 1913 and 1936.

Ijen volcano complex is one consisting of a crater of Ijen mountain and high plains. This area is located in three districts namely Situbondo, Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. In this region there are volcanic sulfur mining, which indicates the mountain is still active and activity.

While in the crater area, visitors can see the miners were busy carrying piles of sulfur on their backs, down the steep and filled with toxic gases that are harmful.

Ijen crater is the largest crater lake in the center of the world, which can produce 36 million cubic meters of sulfur and hydrogen chloride with an area of ​​approximately 5,466 hectares .. Dangerous crater has extraordinary beauty with turquoise sulfur lake with dramatic and elegant touch.

Ijenlake has zero degrees of acidity and has a depth of 200 meters. Very strong acidity can dissolve clothing and human fingers.

For those who like to be adventurous, to reach Mount Ijen can be accessed from two directions, namely, from the north and from the south. From the north, can be achieved through Situbondo towards Sempol (Bondowoso) through Wonosari and dilajutkan to Paltuding.

PaltudingSitubondo distance to about 93 km and can ditemput about 2.5 hours. From the south, can be passed on to the slippery Banyuwangi within 15 Km.

 Of Slippery towards Paltuding within 18 Km and forwarded using Jeep or other heavy car about 6 km before to Paltuding. This is because the roads are winding and uphill
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Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT

Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT

Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT

Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT - Earth Flores save so much natural beauty, Seraya Island is one of them. Maybe you do not know that from Labuan Bajo you can instantly sticks Komodo and Rinca Island. Both of these islands are very distinctive and are home to the only dragon who still live in the world, the Komodo. If you are located in East Nusa Tenggara, you are lucky because they can get around to the various attractions are amazing. Some islands in NTT used for private island so that there is little inn in it, one of which is the Seraya Island. This island located about 10 km from Labuan Bajo.

If you want to vacation in a quiet yet exotic, Seraya Island attractions is the proper dismissal. Here you could undergo day-days with calm. Rustic atmosphere will make you linger here. And more importantly, when will you be able to feel being on a private island? To get to this island, you can use the shuttle service provided by the resort in Labuan Bajo, the tariff is approximately 100 thousand dollars per person. But if you want an outing to Komodo Island, you can rent a boat with a price range of 800 thousand dollars each way. There are several small islands that you will meet along the way, and on average have a higher hill green yellow.

Exotic scenery you might have seen in the dock. With the crystal clear sea water, which is quite beautiful coral formations and marine life that swim to and fro, tourist attractions Seraya Island was very pleasant. On this island there is only one party in charge of lodging so you can not pick and choose the inn. Accommodation here is like a house on stilts made of woven bamboo. This complements the beauty of Seraya Island. Lodging mostly located on the coast so that you can instantly look far into the ocean. Fare his room is approximately Rp 350 thousand up to Rp. 400 thousand, but could rise if the holiday season arrives, which is about a month from June to August. Interior room is designed potluck and nonexistent because there is no AC power supply is enough to this island.

Do you know if it turns out Seraya Island attraction has a story that is quite creepy? There was no one who dared to live here so the area was totally deserted. Many people assume that the island is haunted because people often have possessed. And for issue a spirits that enter into the body must through aa series of ritual with sacrificial goat. Goats are slaughtered and his head hung over the tamarind tree located in the middle of the island. A resident of Central Sulawesi were then asked to settle there and heal local residents who had evil spirits or ill because things are not fair. Oiya, along with the development of technology and increasingly crowded the place this, is now disturbances-disorders like it was almost no ever happen again.

Main activities in Island of Seraya in touch closely with marine. Many society who looking for fish here, however they are not seek fish with a way-a way do not either like potash or bombs fish. That is why the condition of waters here still very awake its beauty. You can snorkel with a comfortable coastal area. Near PulauSeraya there are other islands that are not less beautiful name Angel Island. This island is governed by a Briton named Ernest LewanDowsky. Spending a little time for a vacation to a quiet place and quiet like this is able to excite you in the move. Therefore, take the time once in a while on vacation to this place.

So, it was earlier bit of information about attractions Island Seraya. Happy holidays.

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Komodo Island Tourism

Komodo Island Tourism

Komodo Island in the New 7 Wonders

The island is a very booming since the announcement of the 7 finalists who entered the new 7 wonders of nature. Komodo Island could fit in the 7 finalists. The island victory by counting up to 11-11-2011. And on Saturday (12/11), the official website, Komodo Island name listed there in fifth place. Only, also mentioned that the serial number displayed in alphabetical order, not the number of votes. But Komodo Island is still a winner while, until the announcement of the winners in the new 7 wonders true. We as a nation of Indonesia, in order to give full support to this event.

Komodo Island National Park

Komodo Island is located in the Nusa Tenggara islands. Comes to national parks Komodo Island is located between the two islands of Sumbawa and Flores islands between the border of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The park consists of 3 major islands or island is a little big of Komodo Island, the island Rica, and Padar islands and several small islands with a land area of ​​603 km2.

In 1910 the Dutch named the island the nickname of Komodo Island. This story begins with Lieutenant Steyn van Hens Broek who tries to prove statements about the presence of Dutch troops large animal resembling a dragon on the island. Steyn then kill the dragon and bring documentation to the Museum and Botanical Garden in Bogor to be investigated.

The island is known as a habitat for native Komodo dragon. On this island, komodo animals breed well. Until August 2009, on the island in 1300, there are dragons tail.

Komodo dragons in the wild habitat has shrunk and hence IUCN include dragons as a species vulnerable to extinction. This large lizard is now protected under Indonesian law and a national park was established to protect them.

Not only to see the island of komodo dragons just this, tp there are several interesting locations to visit include:

1. Loh Liang: a tourism concession area managed by PT. Putri Naga Komodo (PNK PT). Activities that can be done such as observations of the Komodo dragon, deer, wild boar, bird watching, canoeing etc..

2. Red Beach: a beautiful beach with a shallow reef charming. Usual activities undertaken by tourists who visit are snorkeling or sun bathing.

3. LohSebita: LohSebita a mangrove areas and activities that are interesting enough to do bird watching and trekking.

4. LohBuaya: a tourism concession area dielola by PT. Putri Naga Komodo (PNK PT). Activities that can be done such as observations of the Komodo dragon, deer, buffalo, birds, long-tailed monkeys, wild horse, bird watching, canoeing, etc..

5. Kalong Island: Activities that can be visited include the observation colony of bats in large numbers. The most interesting observation was made during late afternoon when the bats started out in search of food.

6. Golo Code: From the top of the hill known as Golo Code, visitors can see the panorama and landscape are quite fantastic because the representation of various types of ecosystems can be seen from this place.

7. Molo Strait: Strait which has a heavy flow like water flowing river at high tide.

There are 36 dive sites in the TN area. Komodo.Frequented by foreign tourists for diving and snorkeling namely: Tatawa Island, Red Beach, Gililawa Sea, LohDasami, Pillar Steen, BatuBolong and Taka Napier.

To reach this place can be done by road through the land around Bali - Mataram (Lombok Island) Bima - Sape (Sumbawa P.), and then continued to travel by ferry every day to Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo visitors can visit the Komodo National Park boat or speedboat. Another alternative is by air, visitors can use air transportation from Bali (Denpasar) to Labuan Bajo every day with the airline's penerpangan them; Indonesian Air Transport (IAT), Pigeons, and Trigana.
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Natural Beauty Papua Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia

Natural Beauty Papua Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia

Natural exotica Papua is not endless. There are still many mysteries of beauty that exist in the island's eastern tip of Indonesia. Call it the Raja Ampat islands are no less great, with a wide range of heritage and beauty of the ecosystem. Of the seas that exist in kepualaun Raja Ampat, save a lot of beauty to be researched and unique traditions of society again dijelajahi.Belum papuan already famous foreign higga. Species of beautiful feathered birds of paradise, only in Irian Jaya or Papua. Red fruit, which is efficacious for treating various penytakit, are also listed there. The beauty of the archipelago is second to none.

Indonesia should be proud with the uniqueness and richness of nature and tradition masayarakatnya. One is Carstensz Pyramid or commonly referred to as glorious peak, also in Papua. If you are a true adventurer definitely will not miss the adventure in this glorious peak, Carstensz Peak is the highest peak in Australia and Oceania. Why not in Asia? Because of Asia's highest peak Mount Everest was held by existing in India and China border, Carstensz Pyramid Peak has altitude 4884 m above sea level (16023 ft). Location is at the coordinates 04 ° S 137 ° E 04 733 and 09 572. Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya called by some people, and Puncak Jaya Kusuma Jaya Kusuma or referred to only by some of the others, located in west central highland called Jayawijaya and mountains Sudirman. And the only tropical glaciers in Indonesia, which most likely will soon disappear due to global warming.

Cartensz name is taken from the inventor of a Dutch sailor, John Carstensz, who witnessed the mountain peaks covered by ice in the equatorial countries. Carstensz in 1623 reported a snow mountain on the equator, but no one believes her with the statement. John Carstensz is the first European who witnessed the peak Cartensz with his own eyes.

LOCATION Carstensz Pyramid


1623 Navigator of the Netherlands J Cartensz was the first to bring the word to Europe about the ice caps in the tropical country on the line of the equator eografis West Papua New Guinea. Report the results met with laughter by the public.

1931 A naturalist (expert in the field of botany and zoology) British AFR Wollaston succeeded in reaching nose Carstensz Glaciers on the South side after a grueling journey through the jungle on the southern coast of Papua. He takes 92 days to reach the final 50km.

The team from the Netherlands in 1936 led by Dr A h Colijn with the help of aerial surveillance and logistics made it to the neighboring mountain Ngga Pulu (4,860 m). He failed to conquer the Carstensz Pyramid through the east side and the north wall but produces a very useful map. Map was published in conjunction with aerial photos in a variety of sides. A geologist who is on the JV team Dozy was the first to find copper deposits in the 'copper mountain' Grasberg

1961 P Temple led the 6-member team from New Zealand to the Carstensz Massif through Wamena by airplane. But the arrangement droping logistics passing through the aircraft were never delivered so that they are not able to reach the top of Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya).

1962 Carstensz Pyramid was first climbed by a team of Austrian H Herrer (his book Seven Years in Tibet) with your P Temple. Two other team members is an employee of the district and the Netherlands A Huzenga R Kippax from Australia. Logistics supply carried by airplane. They approached the Carstensz area of ​​North-Illaga toward a path that has been opened by the missionaries with a light aircraft since WWII. It then became one of the standard lines of the North Face.

1971 Reinhold Messner of Italy made a trial to the summit for the second time with a client from Italy S Bigarella. They climb the sharp part of the East side of the mountain and back to Illaga in conditions without food for five days.

1972 An expedition of English D Isherwood, L Murray and J Baines Cartensz Pyramid climb the north side using a direct path to the summit imur. These are the first to use the direct path through the walls. Isherwood did solo climbing for the first time in the North Side of the mountain neighbors Sunday Peak (Peak Sunday) from the lake Larson.

1973 Cartensz a solo climb new route for the first time by a young man of America B Carson. His team 3kali climb this mountain with one of them being the first Indonesian E Wurjantoro

1978 P Boardman and for Clinton Collins of England was the first to climb the Carstensz South side. They fell through the north side (the 1962) makes achievement across the mountain. They also were the first to try the north-west side. Hilary is also noted as the first woman to climb Carstensz.

source: World Mountaineering Book (The World's Great Mountains By the World's Great Mountaineers 2005)

ACCESS TO Carstensz Pyramid

Given the weight of climbing terrain, complicated licensing process, as well as security guarantees as part of the ascent, the climbers should utilize the services of the agent's journey bepengalaman. Various travel agents who have an international reputation has provided 2 yaoutu climbing lane through the classical pathway Ilaga village, or line 2 is more comfortable denagn helicopter ride to base camp Hill Lake. The travel agent will usually also handle licensing issues, transportation of jakarta towards Papua, rental helicopter to base camp, climbing guides, insurance, as well as training and conditioning team before pendakian.Tentu course, the cost per person is quite large at around $ 10,000, or about 100 million dollars.
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Carstensz The Indonesia Roof

Carstensz  The Indonesia Roof

Top of Carstensz, The Neglected Potential of eastern Indonesia

Carstensz is the highest peak located in Papua, Indonesia. Carstensz peak with an elevation of 4,884 meters above sea level. Not only is it Carstensz eternal snow-covered, an adventure attraction is very interesting to visit. Moreover, Carstensz is the highest peak in the Pacific region to be one of the seven summits of the world

For mountain climbers, mountain climbing ranks Jayawijaya and Sudirman (Carstensz Pyramide), Irian Jaya, was a dream. Imagine, in one of the mountain peaks (Sudirman) are the highest point in Indonesia. Carstensz Pyramide (4,884 masl) and save a lot of unique challenges. Not just because of the snow-capped peak in the tropics but including a row of seven (7) peak continents. Do not be surprised if the top climbers and also Jantera world class racing to climb the highest peak in Australasia. No less than the climber Heinrich Harrer played by Brad Pitt who lives in Seven Years In Tibet became the first to climb Carstensz Pyramid. Then the first climber Reinhold Messner reached 14 peaks above 8,000 meters.

Climbing permits are Complicated
Among mountain climbers in Indonesia there is satirical about climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya. More difficult than climbing the mountain care license, they complained. The main mountain climbing permit to Carstensz Pyramide â € "in Irian Jaya is complicated and unclear. No piece of valid licenses such as climbing in Nepal where climbers are given a kind of passport sheet complete with photos and descriptions permission to climb the peak heights how in the areas.
In Nepal as successful and may submit any evidence that the Ministry of Tourism's handling permit issued certificate of successful climbers. This lack of clarity â € "things that are common during the New Order â €" over the last year with the classic excuse, security.
Galina Donikara, a senior Wanadri mention to climb this mountain must have a recommendation from the office of Minister of Sports, Chief of Police, BIA â € "Indonesian intelligence, Menhutbun / PKA, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI).

If you want to pass Tembagapura plus of Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI). It all should be taken care of in Jakarta. Then in Jayapura, the recommendation of Police Chief Bakorstanasda and must be bagged. In Timika, recommendations permission PTFI for EPO and track facilities.
â €? Last in Tembagapura, coordination with the Emergency Response Group (ERG) for handling Emergency Procedure and apparatus Satgaspam to track security issues, clear mountain climber who had joined the Indonesian Expedition Everest ™ 97's. Galina reach Carstensz Pyramid summit with the Chinese team at the beginning of this Millennium. Along with several civilian and military climbers, they use the Timika over Tembagapura to reach base camp.
If passed Nabire, letter of Bakorstanasda and Irian Jaya Police should be reported to the Police Paniai and Nabire District Military Command, both of which exist in the city of Nabire. Then last Ilaga, all letters of recommendation given to local Tripika (Ilaga) ie police, Koramil and Head.
But wait, the three leaders will decide whether or not to continue the expedition climbers. It all depends on the security situation at the time. If there are no hazards that may threaten the safety of climbers like tribal wars, the climber may soon begin. Well that's a long list of letters of recommendation to hike Indonesia's roof. Complicated and troublesome.
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Bali excotic

looking for a place to travel, explore, honeymoon, looking for good food, vacation, efficient, romantic, exotic, thrilling all in Indonesia,,

If you are really looking for a place to travel, explore, honeymoon, vacation, efficient, romantic, exotic, thrilling all in Indonesia, I will promote a country full of hospitality and charming spots that certainly will not ever make you forget there even as memories album in your mind if you come to Indonesia, I would make this article interesting as possible and as short as possible so that you are all curious,,

we start I'll give a little traveled spot dancing of so many traveled spot so frugal, exotic and exciting. bali with unique beauty as the island of the gods of the people who graciously offers charming spot that will never be forgotten, I will only show its beauty through the images that you are very curious as shown below,, this is a picture of a very beautiful and exotic, , what more if you want to honeymoon on the island of bali this. surely you all will never forget for the rest of your life
Bali is an island known as the Island of the Gods. Bali many keep exotic natural charm. Many tourists both at home and abroad. Many beautiful beaches juxtaposed with beautiful beaches on the island of Hawaii. According to the recent survey, Bali is a tourist favorite place second in the world to use their spare time. These are objects of tourism in Bali.
Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is a tourist place located south of Denpasar, capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency.
This area is a tourist destination which is very famous abroad. In Kuta itself there are many shops, restaurants and places baths and drying diri.Pantai Kuta are often referred to as Sunset Beach or the beach sunset as opposed to Sanur beach.

Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is a place of wayfaring famous tourist island of Bali. This place is located just east of Denpasar, capital of Bali. Sanur in Badung regency.
Sanur Beach is the location primarily for surfing (surfing). Especially the surf beach of Sanur is famous among foreign tourists. Not far off Sanur Beach there are also dive and snorkel locations. Because of the friendly conditions, dive sites can be used by divers of all levels keahlian.Pantai Sanur is also known as Sunrise beach (sunrise beach) as opposed to Kuta Beach.

Nusa Dua 
Nusa Dua is a peninsula located on the southern island of Bali. The distance is approximately 40 kilometers from the capital Denpasar.
In the area consisting of limestone rocks is, there are many tourist attractions, such as the Jimbaran beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction in Bali, Indonesia. Here there are two temples are located on a large rock. One is located on top of the boulder and the other located on a cliff similar to the Uluwatu Temple. Pura Tanah Lot is part of the temple Sad heaven, that which is ostensibly joints island. Pura Tanah Lot sea temple is a place of worship of the gods guard the sea.
 And much more, you must be curious instead. but this is just one of the beauties of tourism in Indonesia, now we go on to the next spot the city of Yogyakarta. the city is very thick with custom Java and kekerajaan istiadak that has existed since time immemorial and the temples so magnificent and is recognized as one of the world heritage site that should be on guard and batik work, I'll give a little picture of this vibrant city

more curious right now, but wait Indonesia country that has traveled hundreds of places that thrifty, romantic, exotic, thrilling, this is the place where the tour that menegangkang your foot when you already feel the atmosphere of ancient animals that terrible and there is only one in the world and the only animal that is Komodo in Indonesia. Komodo dragons are on the island in Indonesia, want to see the ferocity and animal flex Puba this. I will give a picture


do you know these animals so wild and primeval and able to reach a length of 3 meters, so ganasa these ancient animals and only exists in the Indonesian archipelago is the island of Komodo. but there are many more animals funny and interesting, so let's come to Indonesia

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