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Bali excotic

looking for a place to travel, explore, honeymoon, looking for good food, vacation, efficient, romantic, exotic, thrilling all in Indonesia,,

If you are really looking for a place to travel, explore, honeymoon, vacation, efficient, romantic, exotic, thrilling all in Indonesia, I will promote a country full of hospitality and charming spots that certainly will not ever make you forget there even as memories album in your mind if you come to Indonesia, I would make this article interesting as possible and as short as possible so that you are all curious,,

we start I'll give a little traveled spot dancing of so many traveled spot so frugal, exotic and exciting. bali with unique beauty as the island of the gods of the people who graciously offers charming spot that will never be forgotten, I will only show its beauty through the images that you are very curious as shown below,, this is a picture of a very beautiful and exotic, , what more if you want to honeymoon on the island of bali this. surely you all will never forget for the rest of your life
Bali is an island known as the Island of the Gods. Bali many keep exotic natural charm. Many tourists both at home and abroad. Many beautiful beaches juxtaposed with beautiful beaches on the island of Hawaii. According to the recent survey, Bali is a tourist favorite place second in the world to use their spare time. These are objects of tourism in Bali.
Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is a tourist place located south of Denpasar, capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency.
This area is a tourist destination which is very famous abroad. In Kuta itself there are many shops, restaurants and places baths and drying diri.Pantai Kuta are often referred to as Sunset Beach or the beach sunset as opposed to Sanur beach.

Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is a place of wayfaring famous tourist island of Bali. This place is located just east of Denpasar, capital of Bali. Sanur in Badung regency.
Sanur Beach is the location primarily for surfing (surfing). Especially the surf beach of Sanur is famous among foreign tourists. Not far off Sanur Beach there are also dive and snorkel locations. Because of the friendly conditions, dive sites can be used by divers of all levels keahlian.Pantai Sanur is also known as Sunrise beach (sunrise beach) as opposed to Kuta Beach.

Nusa Dua 
Nusa Dua is a peninsula located on the southern island of Bali. The distance is approximately 40 kilometers from the capital Denpasar.
In the area consisting of limestone rocks is, there are many tourist attractions, such as the Jimbaran beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction in Bali, Indonesia. Here there are two temples are located on a large rock. One is located on top of the boulder and the other located on a cliff similar to the Uluwatu Temple. Pura Tanah Lot is part of the temple Sad heaven, that which is ostensibly joints island. Pura Tanah Lot sea temple is a place of worship of the gods guard the sea.
 And much more, you must be curious instead. but this is just one of the beauties of tourism in Indonesia, now we go on to the next spot the city of Yogyakarta. the city is very thick with custom Java and kekerajaan istiadak that has existed since time immemorial and the temples so magnificent and is recognized as one of the world heritage site that should be on guard and batik work, I'll give a little picture of this vibrant city

more curious right now, but wait Indonesia country that has traveled hundreds of places that thrifty, romantic, exotic, thrilling, this is the place where the tour that menegangkang your foot when you already feel the atmosphere of ancient animals that terrible and there is only one in the world and the only animal that is Komodo in Indonesia. Komodo dragons are on the island in Indonesia, want to see the ferocity and animal flex Puba this. I will give a picture


do you know these animals so wild and primeval and able to reach a length of 3 meters, so ganasa these ancient animals and only exists in the Indonesian archipelago is the island of Komodo. but there are many more animals funny and interesting, so let's come to Indonesia

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