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Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT

Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT

Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT

Behind the lurid tale beauty Seraya Island, NTT - Earth Flores save so much natural beauty, Seraya Island is one of them. Maybe you do not know that from Labuan Bajo you can instantly sticks Komodo and Rinca Island. Both of these islands are very distinctive and are home to the only dragon who still live in the world, the Komodo. If you are located in East Nusa Tenggara, you are lucky because they can get around to the various attractions are amazing. Some islands in NTT used for private island so that there is little inn in it, one of which is the Seraya Island. This island located about 10 km from Labuan Bajo.

If you want to vacation in a quiet yet exotic, Seraya Island attractions is the proper dismissal. Here you could undergo day-days with calm. Rustic atmosphere will make you linger here. And more importantly, when will you be able to feel being on a private island? To get to this island, you can use the shuttle service provided by the resort in Labuan Bajo, the tariff is approximately 100 thousand dollars per person. But if you want an outing to Komodo Island, you can rent a boat with a price range of 800 thousand dollars each way. There are several small islands that you will meet along the way, and on average have a higher hill green yellow.

Exotic scenery you might have seen in the dock. With the crystal clear sea water, which is quite beautiful coral formations and marine life that swim to and fro, tourist attractions Seraya Island was very pleasant. On this island there is only one party in charge of lodging so you can not pick and choose the inn. Accommodation here is like a house on stilts made of woven bamboo. This complements the beauty of Seraya Island. Lodging mostly located on the coast so that you can instantly look far into the ocean. Fare his room is approximately Rp 350 thousand up to Rp. 400 thousand, but could rise if the holiday season arrives, which is about a month from June to August. Interior room is designed potluck and nonexistent because there is no AC power supply is enough to this island.

Do you know if it turns out Seraya Island attraction has a story that is quite creepy? There was no one who dared to live here so the area was totally deserted. Many people assume that the island is haunted because people often have possessed. And for issue a spirits that enter into the body must through aa series of ritual with sacrificial goat. Goats are slaughtered and his head hung over the tamarind tree located in the middle of the island. A resident of Central Sulawesi were then asked to settle there and heal local residents who had evil spirits or ill because things are not fair. Oiya, along with the development of technology and increasingly crowded the place this, is now disturbances-disorders like it was almost no ever happen again.

Main activities in Island of Seraya in touch closely with marine. Many society who looking for fish here, however they are not seek fish with a way-a way do not either like potash or bombs fish. That is why the condition of waters here still very awake its beauty. You can snorkel with a comfortable coastal area. Near PulauSeraya there are other islands that are not less beautiful name Angel Island. This island is governed by a Briton named Ernest LewanDowsky. Spending a little time for a vacation to a quiet place and quiet like this is able to excite you in the move. Therefore, take the time once in a while on vacation to this place.

So, it was earlier bit of information about attractions Island Seraya. Happy holidays.

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