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Exploring the "Virgin" Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara


Exploring the "Virgin" Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara

Exploring the "Virgin" Moyo Island - Indonesia's natural wealth have not been exhaustively explored. Indonesia is an archipelagic country and has many small islands. Among the rows of the island, Moyo Island island almost untouched by development, so being here is like being in a large forest. The island is located in Sumbawa, West Southeast Nuas holds incredible beauty. Your nature lovers would have been very happy holiday to a place. A variety of interesting activities about nature you can do here, such as trekking into the deep forest. However, please be careful, this island really is uninhabited so you can not ask for help if you get lost in it. Therefore, while guiding invite into this region.

There are many things to be proud of Moyo Island attractions, one of which is a complete ecosystem. There are many animals that you might encounter while across the island. Not only has beautiful forests, but the scenery is no less beautiful sea. If you have not been on holiday to Raja Ampat or Bunaken, Moyo Island bisalah to release thirst. Although it does not have such a wealth of corals in Raja Ampat, but you will still be amazed by the underwater scenery.

Reef structures around the coast is still very good, that is not damaged by human activities such as fishing or swimming. There are many marine animals that live here, such as eels, sharks, manta rays, sea anemones, etc.. Exploring the beauty of Moyo Island attractions may not be enough for one day. If you want a longer vacation, you can stay at this place. There is a resort that provides lodging with tents. Although only using tents, but a matter of comfort is maintained.

There is one interesting fact about Moyo Island, which was visited by Princess Diana and Mick Jagger. It's certainly a matter of pride for us citizens of Indonesia. People like to come here because the atmosphere is quiet and away from the noise of the city. Therefore if you are looking for a vacation spot that can make you one with nature, then the attractions Moyo Island is the most appropriate recommendation.

There are many places that you can visit on Moyo Island, one of which is the beach Kencana. On this beach you can walk around while enjoying the beautiful beach panorama. For those of you who like to swim, you can also do it at this place. The other place is Gua Ai Manis, this is one of the favorite places of tourists. To reach the cave, you will have to climb the cliff. Inside the cave there are hundreds of bats. When trekking, you can also visit Niagara Brang Rea is located in the center of the island. To get to Moyo Island is easy. From Sumbawa Besar to Ai Bari is only about 20 miles, and you can use a car to reach this place. If you do not want to be bothered with the problems of transport and accommodation, just use the services of travel agents. Ai Bari is a fishing village that is home to the Bajo and Bugis. From Ai Bari you can directly cross the sea to the island of Moyo with a travel time of about 15 minutes.

What are the natural wealth of the island of Moyo? There are so many, one of the most notable is the diversity of flora and fauna found here. Moyo Island is home to hundreds of butterflies, dozens of species of bats, birds, wild pigs, snakes, and deer. There are at least 86 species of birds that live on this island, including the balustrades and yellow parrot bird burn. New hearing footed bird? So just come here to be able to see it up close.

That was a bit of information about attractions Moyo Island. May be useful for you.
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