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Carstensz The Indonesia Roof

Carstensz  The Indonesia Roof

Top of Carstensz, The Neglected Potential of eastern Indonesia

Carstensz is the highest peak located in Papua, Indonesia. Carstensz peak with an elevation of 4,884 meters above sea level. Not only is it Carstensz eternal snow-covered, an adventure attraction is very interesting to visit. Moreover, Carstensz is the highest peak in the Pacific region to be one of the seven summits of the world

For mountain climbers, mountain climbing ranks Jayawijaya and Sudirman (Carstensz Pyramide), Irian Jaya, was a dream. Imagine, in one of the mountain peaks (Sudirman) are the highest point in Indonesia. Carstensz Pyramide (4,884 masl) and save a lot of unique challenges. Not just because of the snow-capped peak in the tropics but including a row of seven (7) peak continents. Do not be surprised if the top climbers and also Jantera world class racing to climb the highest peak in Australasia. No less than the climber Heinrich Harrer played by Brad Pitt who lives in Seven Years In Tibet became the first to climb Carstensz Pyramid. Then the first climber Reinhold Messner reached 14 peaks above 8,000 meters.

Climbing permits are Complicated
Among mountain climbers in Indonesia there is satirical about climbing the mountain in Irian Jaya. More difficult than climbing the mountain care license, they complained. The main mountain climbing permit to Carstensz Pyramide â € "in Irian Jaya is complicated and unclear. No piece of valid licenses such as climbing in Nepal where climbers are given a kind of passport sheet complete with photos and descriptions permission to climb the peak heights how in the areas.
In Nepal as successful and may submit any evidence that the Ministry of Tourism's handling permit issued certificate of successful climbers. This lack of clarity â € "things that are common during the New Order â €" over the last year with the classic excuse, security.
Galina Donikara, a senior Wanadri mention to climb this mountain must have a recommendation from the office of Minister of Sports, Chief of Police, BIA â € "Indonesian intelligence, Menhutbun / PKA, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI).

If you want to pass Tembagapura plus of Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI). It all should be taken care of in Jakarta. Then in Jayapura, the recommendation of Police Chief Bakorstanasda and must be bagged. In Timika, recommendations permission PTFI for EPO and track facilities.
â €? Last in Tembagapura, coordination with the Emergency Response Group (ERG) for handling Emergency Procedure and apparatus Satgaspam to track security issues, clear mountain climber who had joined the Indonesian Expedition Everest ™ 97's. Galina reach Carstensz Pyramid summit with the Chinese team at the beginning of this Millennium. Along with several civilian and military climbers, they use the Timika over Tembagapura to reach base camp.
If passed Nabire, letter of Bakorstanasda and Irian Jaya Police should be reported to the Police Paniai and Nabire District Military Command, both of which exist in the city of Nabire. Then last Ilaga, all letters of recommendation given to local Tripika (Ilaga) ie police, Koramil and Head.
But wait, the three leaders will decide whether or not to continue the expedition climbers. It all depends on the security situation at the time. If there are no hazards that may threaten the safety of climbers like tribal wars, the climber may soon begin. Well that's a long list of letters of recommendation to hike Indonesia's roof. Complicated and troublesome.
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